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Hi!  I’m Kana.  I currently live in Yokohama.

I was a serious wheat addict until two years and ten months ago.

At the time, I was being treated for hyperthyroidism – taking medications for three years.  I was also suffering from allergic reactions that I had no idea what I was reacting to.  After finding out about the negative effect of wheat in your diet, especially with autoimmune disease, I cut down on gluten and grain intake for ten days.  The effect was tremendous that I decided to stay clear of gluten, and it just stayed because I felt so much better.  Now I develop recipes, teach baking classes and run a cafe occasionally for people to simply enjoy my sweets.  

You’ll notice that I make small batches – I  believe in wasting less, so I only make what my family of three and a few friends can consume in couple of days.  Double or triple the batch to meet your needs.  My recipes are all gluten free, some are grain free, egg free and dairy free.  The taste is subtle, the texture delicate – all in line with the palate we as Japanese embrace. 

Working on translating the entire site – please give me a few weeks maybe, but I’ll get to it!  Enjoy.





Gluten Free Lesson-2


Come and learn how to make my signature grain free banana bread and perfect for snacking granola bars.

2019/1/19 or 23

@ Azabu juban, Tokyo

Email me for a detail!!



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kanasplace グルテンフリー デザート 小麦不使用 お菓子
kanas place gluten free baking